Lent Devotions: We will lie down in peace


Editor’s note: This Lent season, Bread Blog is running a series of devotionals written by staff, alumni, and friends of the San Francisco Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).

By Cameron Highsmith  

Psalm 4

These days, a plea for God to answer is exceedingly common. From my Twitter and Facebook feeds to the complaints of friends around drinks, the need for an answer from God is real. Every day, it seems, God is giving us plenty of room for distress! But we beg for answers. “Be gracious to us, and hear our prayers,” we cry into this complicated and very real world.

How long will we suffer this tops-turvy world? How long will we encounter blow after blow of setbacks? How long will vain words and lies come from the highest office in the land? When will we ever see honor again?

I do not lie. Some days, staying in my bed all day to ponder this world is appealing. Sometimes this entire world is so much that I feel as if I have no choice but to be silent. Selah.

But we are called out to make the right sacrifices. We are called out to be activists. We are called out to donate to good and righteous causes. We are called out to march. We are called out to speak on behalf of those who cannot speak. We are called out to be the righteousness in this world.

We are called out to feel the light of God shining on us.  We are called out to know there is still good in this world. We are called out to see the good and work for it. We are called out to seek the gladness that is better than grain and wine.

And in being called out, we know it is through God. When we lie down to sleep at night, we will sleep peacefully, because we do this work for each other, in the name of God. We do this so that God may be known in this world. We rest in this peace, for we will be called out again tomorrow. Selah.

Cameron Highsmith earned his master of divinity in 2014 from the San Francisco Theological Seminary, and director of spiritual care for Prayers of the People.

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