Look at these amazing smiles

Photo by Joseph Molieri/Bread for the World.

By Joseph Molieri

This fall, I was blessed to travel to the Philippines. While there, I saw firsthand the tremendous need for—as well as the powerful effects of—your efforts.

Your advocacy is working, transforming the lives of so many who are most vulnerable to hunger. 

One morning, I met Nygiel Armada, a fisherman without a formal education. Nygiel wakes up most days before sunrise and heads out to sea in a small boat. Fishing is his livelihood, and he’s done well enough that his children can go to school. For a time, though, he wasn’t sure if he would need to end their schooling early to help with the family business. Fishing catches were dwindling, and it was increasingly difficult to make ends meet. 

Fortunately, in 2012 USAID began working in Nygiel’s hometown of Batangas, with the goal of increasing the fisheries and improving the employment prospects for fisherman like Nygiel.  With USAID’s help, Nygiel’s children have been able to stay in school and his fishing catches have increased. It is because of Bread supporters like you that USAID can do this important work.

Here at Bread for the World, we’re busy planning our advocacy for 2017 on behalf of hardworking families like Nygiel’s. Your year-end gift will let us know just how much we can do to fight hunger together next year.

Whenever political forces try to slash the budget of USAID and other vital food programs, Bread’s community of members and activists will be there—educating communities of faith, walking the halls of Congress, and making sure your voice is heard.

Thank you for everything you do, both this month and all year round.

As I was going through my files to pick a photograph for this post, the joy of meeting and laughing with these kids came flooding back—I couldn’t just pick one. So please accept my thanks, and enjoy a few smiles from the Philippines. 

Joseph Molieri is the multimedia manager at Bread for the World.

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