Urgent: One call could help millions!

Photo: Joe Terranova for Bread for the World.

By Eric Mitchell

Congress is very close to passing a major tax deal that could make the current benefit levels in two effective anti-poverty measures — the earned-income tax credit (EITC) and child tax credit (CTC) — permanent. But many members of Congress are ready to walk away from that deal in favor of a shorter-term extension of only business tax credits.

Don’t let your members of Congress give up this chance to make current EITC and CTC benefits permanent. Working families deserve something they can count on for the long-term.

We need your calls and emails right now! Key negotiations are taking place today, and ALL members of Congress, regardless of their party, need to hear this message!

Take two minutes to call (800/826-3688) or email your U.S. representative and your U.S. senators. Urge Congress to make the expiring EITC and CTC provisions permanent before leaving for Christmas.

A short-term extension of business tax credits without the EITC or CTC is unacceptable. The EITC and CTC provisions in question expire in 2017, but they will be far more vulnerable if we wait until then. This issue is too important to put off. Who knows what the political landscape will be like in two years.

If Congress passes a tax deal that makes the current benefit levels of the EITC and CTC permanent, it would prevent 16 million people from falling into or deeper into poverty. Don’t let this opportunity pass.

Call (800/826-3688) or email your U.S. representative and your U.S. senators. Tell Congress to do everything they can to ensure the current benefit levels of the EITC and CTC become permanent this year.

Eric Mitchell is the director of government relations.


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