Washington Update: Week of April 24

Washington Update

Budget & Appropriations

  • Congress returned from spring recess on April 24 under pressure to pass a spending bill by the end of the week that would fund the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2017.
  • If Congress fails to pass either a short-term continuing resolution or a full omnibus spending bill, most federal agencies will begin shutting down operations after April 28. Congressional leaders are eager to avoid a government shutdown, but the president is insisting on funding for a Mexico-U.S. border wall and this could derail negotiations.
  • Appropriators have been working on a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending package for fiscal year 2017. If Congress is unable to agree on a spending bill this week, they could also pass a week-long continuing resolution to give them more time to negotiate an agreement.

American Health Care Act

  • President Trump is pressuring the House to pass legislation this week to repeal the Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare.
  • Given the ongoing fiscal year 2017 budget negotiations, it is unlikely this will be considered this week. Health care was not mentioned in House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s weekly schedule, although he did note additional legislative items are possib

Act Now!

This week, Congress will make budget decisions that will impact hungry and poor people in the U.S. and around the world.

Call (800-826-3688) and urge your senators and representative to make budget decisions that put us on track to end hunger by 2030. This includes protecting international development programs and programs that help low-income Americans, as well as providing additional funding for famine relief abroad.

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