Women's History Month: Helping the Poor Among Us


By Bread Staff

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Bread Blog, Institute Notes, and Bread for the World’s social media platforms are celebrating the ingenuity, fortitude, and spirit of women during the month of March.

Today, Mother Teresa’s words ring truer than never before. Last week, the House and Senate released devastating budget proposals that could jeopardize the availability of healthy and nutritious meals for adults and children.

The budget proposals include cuts of $140 billion to SNAP (formerly called food stamps) and $400 billion to Medicaid. Under these cuts, SNAP participants would lose 220 meals a year or 10 weeks’ worth of food.

SNAP is the largest child nutrition program in the country. It provides meals for 21 million children. Medicaid provides coverage for 28 million low-income children. Hungry children cannot learn, and unhealthy children will not reach their full potential.

Mother Teresa was a champion for the poor. Let us all strive to live up to her standard –one in which every human being is afforded the same worth and dignity. 

Bread for the World this week plans to ensure that vital safety-net programs are protected by harmful cuts when the House and Senate vote on their budgets. Make sure to read Bread Blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out how you can help.


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