Your impact on the global hunger crisis


Thanks to you, Bread for the World is playing a leadership role in urging Congress and the administration to respond to the ongoing global hunger crisis.  Climate change, supply chain disruptions, and violent conflict are fueling soaring food prices and food shortages.

At the urging of Bread for the World and others, Congress passed $5 billion in additional humanitarian aid for areas faced with famine and acute hunger earlier this year.  More recently, USAID announced an additional $1.5 billion in aid. 

This funding will help support the World Food Programme, which has had to ration food aid in areas like Somalia and Ethiopia. 

Your involvement as a Bread for the World member is also making a difference for children in the U.S.

Congress heard from you and others who urged that the child nutrition waivers be extended before they were set to expire on June 30.  Now, through the end of the school year, free and reduced cost lunches will be more widely available.  Schools will also receive increased funding to help meet rising food costs.

“Because of Bread’s advocacy, Congress is getting the message that extra help is needed if kids are to get the food they need to grow and learn,” said Heather Valentine, Bread for the World’s director of government relations.

In the months ahead, Congress will need to take additional action to help people who are struggling to survive because of skyrocketing food prices and severe drought.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people on the brink of starvation has doubled.

Here in the Unites States, more families are struggling to get by because of high prices for housing and food. Bread for the World has been working closely with Congress to see that the reauthorized Farm Bill will sustain and improve vital programs, like the Women, Infant, and Child (WIC) nutrition program, SNAP, and the Emerson Dole international school meals program.

With your financial support and advocacy with Congress, you are helping Bread for the World urge our nation’s decision makers to help those most in need.

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