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As part of its year-long campaign every year on a specific topic, Bread for the World urges elected leaders in Washington, D.C., to enable people in our nation and our world to feed their families and move out of poverty. The Offering of Letters campaign is the main way Bread engages people in churches and other faith communities in advocacy with their members of Congress.

If you are a member or leader of a church or faith community, you are invited to organize an Offering of Letters — an event at which people in your congregation, campus, or group sit down together to write to members of Congress on a specific issue. An Offering of Letters is an effective tool that enables citizens and residents of our country to make their voices heard and that helps shape our government’s response to hunger.

From this page you can download Offering of Letters materials — a toolkit that will help you organize a local Offering of Letters.

How to Conduct an Offering of Letters

Whether you are new to letter writing or are experienced in organizing local Offerings of Letters, this “how-to” booklet for event organizers in the toolkit will help you plan and implement your event.

Setting up an Offering of Letters event is doable. It doesn’t take as much time as you might expect, and you will find that it enriches your faith experience.

This booklet contains many tried-and-true instructions and tips on creating a successful letter-writing event. The topics covered include: the Bible and the Offering of Letters, how to organize an Offering of Letters, and how to conduct an adult forum or workshop.

This and other parts of the toolkit, as well as the Bread staff members who serve your region as organizers, are resources for planning and carrying out your Offering of Letters. Telling us about your event is important, too. Complete our evaluation form and let us know what happened.

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Help put our country and the world on track to end hunger. Photo: Joe Molieri / Bread for the World

Background on this Year's Topic

Nations around the world, including the United States, have agreed to work for an end to hunger and related goals by 2030. And there is growing recognition among faith leaders, nongovernmental organizations, and business leaders that ending hunger and extreme poverty by 2030 is achievable.

Families, churches and community groups, and businesses all need to do their parts to end hunger. It’s crucial that our government also does its part.

Through this 2017 Offering of Letters, we urge Congress to make funding decisions that put our country and the world on track to ending hunger by 2030.

This will be a challenging year. Programs that help families alleviate hunger and get out of poverty are threatened with deep funding cuts. As in years past, your persistent and faithful advocacy will be important in defending the interests of people who are hungry.

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"We support Bread because it magnifies our voice on behalf of hungry people."

Father James Fetscher, St. Louis Catholic Church, Miami

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