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Churches are the seedbed for strong and effective advocacy with Bread. In their life as a congregation — in the sermons, prayers, singing, offerings, Bible studies, and service — churches can help their members understand and act on their faith. Bread invites your church to join 5,000 churches across the country nation urging our nation’s decision-makers to end hunger.Scriptures speak to the role and responsibility of leaders in caring for poor people (Psalm 72; Jeremiah 22; Proverbs 31:8-9). Photo: Laura Pohl/Bread for the World


Our Faith Community

One great way to get ideas on how your church can become part of Bread for the World is to hear how other churches and the members and pastors in them have done creative and energizing advocacy activities.

Start an Activity

Choose one activity for your church to get started. Gather ideas and support from your pastor and other church leaders.

Hold an Offering of Letters

You can use this powerful way to engage your church in advocacy. An Offering of Letters is doable, and it’s effective. With Bread’s help, your church members can learn about the year’s issue, write personal letters to their members of Congress urging specific action on that issue, consecrate, and send the letters. Members of Congress say that just a handful of personal letters from constituents get a staff member assigned to research the issue and decide how to respond. Letters are still among the very best ways to communicate with Congress. A heartfelt letter based on your own experience and passion can shape a leader’s opinion.

Engage in Bread Rising, a campaign to end hunger by 2030

God has made it possible to bring an end to hunger by 2030. Learn more about how your church can be part of Bread’s special campaign to pray, act, and give at this transformational time.

Celebrate Bread for the World Sunday

Your church can celebrate Bread for the World Sunday. According to your church traditions, a special service is held in October. The education, prayer, and worship that Sunday is about ending hunger. Congregations commit themselves to the fight against hunger and poverty according to their faith tradition.

Faith Tools

Bread provides many resources designed for churches. They include:

Order these and other resources in the Bread Store.

Ready to Get Your Church Started or Need More Information?

Send us an email at church@bread.org or call at 800/822-7323. We are ready to answer your questions and guide you to the best resources for you and your church.

"When you give a banquet,
invite the poor."

Luke 14:13

Most food assistance comes from the federal government. Infographic by Doug Puller / Bread for the World

Did you know?

Private charities provide about 1 in every 20 bags needed to feed people who are hungry. The federal government provides the rest. Infographic by Doug Puller / Bread for the World


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