Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala, a New Special from Rick Steves

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About Hunger and Hope

In this new hour-long special, noted guidebook author, travel TV host, and longtime Bread for the World member and supporter Rick Steves travels through Ethiopia and Guatemala to learn about extreme poverty. Working closely with experts and locals, Steves unpacks the important role that clean water, education, nutrition, and empowered women play in ending hunger.

Rather than focusing on charity as the sole solution, Hunger and Hope explores how communities are using smart development to rise out of extreme poverty and become self-sufficient. Hunger and Hope's distinctively optimistic tone challenges viewers to rethink how we view and address world hunger.

Find out when Hunger and Hope is playing on your local PBS station. After watching Hunger and Hope, we encourage you to take action to help people living in hunger.

Watch the full video below:

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During an Offering of Letters, people write letters, usually as a group, and present them as an offering to God before mailing them to Congress. Hundreds of Offerings are held each year, resulting in tens of thousands of letters to Congress. Supported with prayer, these letters are a bold witness to God’s justice and mercy. They continue to have a significant impact on the decisions made in Congress.

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