The U.S. Contribution to Ending Global Malnutrition

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Sharmila Chaudhari feeds her daughter Sanjana, 19 months, at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home in Dhangadhi, Nepal. Photo: Laura Pohl / Bread for the World

We have an opportunity to accelerate global progress against malnutrition among pregnant women and young children.

Worldwide, maternal and child malnutrition causes millions of deaths each year. In some countries, it holds entire generations back from reaching their economic potential.

The United States has been critical to global nutrition efforts for decades. We must continue to be a leader in supporting countries to end malnutrition. Losing U.S. momentum now would stall global progress, putting current and future generations in unnecessary danger of death or lifelong disability.

Key Points

  • To end the need for foreign assistance, now is the time to act on ending malnutrition.
  • While the trends show progress on maternal and child nutrition, the continuation of progress is vulnerable if the U.S. government steps back.
  • Congressional leadership is critical to ensuring that the United States keeps its commitments, supporting country-led efforts to improve nutrition among mothers and their young children.

“Nutrition is the biggest missed opportunity in global health.”

Bill Gates, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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