Urging our nation's leaders to end hunger
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Engage Your Church

Our faith compels us to take action to end hunger in our time.

All of us want to do more.

We know that, with God’s help, we can end widespread hunger once and for all.

Join thousands of individuals and congregations across the country by engaging your congregation or faith community with Bread for the World.

Bread for the World can be a resource and partner with you and your congregation or faith community in discerning your next steps to end hunger.

The links below provide ways to work with us to end hunger and poverty.

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Churchgoer in Xonca, Guatemala / Photo by Joe Molieri


Bread for the World offers many resources for prayer, worship, education, and reflections around the biblical basis for advocacy.

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Pastor Lee De Leon Writes a Letter to Members of Congress / Photo by Laura Pohl


Engage your church or faith community in advocacy to end hunger. Participate in our annual Offering of Letters or Bread for the World Sunday.

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Global Hunger / Photo by Kibae Park for the United Nations


Support our work with a financial gift. Each dollar you donate helps Bread win $100 in assistance for hungry people in the U.S. and abroad.

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Counting Hungry People / Credit: Bread for the World


Deepen your understanding of hunger and poverty issues. Bread for the World offers many educational resources

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