Organizations Urge Congress to “Pass the Farm Bill Now”


March 13, 2024, Washington, D.C. Today, Bread for the World is convening a group of stakeholders including the Alliance to End Hunger, Fair Food Network, Farm Journal Foundation, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Zero Food Waste Coalition to hold a congressional briefing highlighting the importance of “passing a farm bill now.”

Speakers will discuss the importance of the farm bill and passing a new one now, as well as key policy priorities they would like to see in the new legislation.  

Quotes from stakeholder organizations:  

“The Farm Bill is our nation’s most significant piece of legislation addressing hunger and malnutrition, affecting countless lives both domestically and internationally,” said Rev. Eugene Cho, president and CEO of Bread for the World. “Passing a Farm Bill this year with key improvements could immediately increase lower-income families’ access to nutritious foods, improve farmers’ access to new innovations and markets, and keep perfectly edible foods on our tables.” 

“With over 44 million Americans living in food-insecure households and up to 783 million affected by hunger globally, the Farm Bill is an opportunity for us to set a pathway towards the goal of ending hunger,” said Eric Mitchell, president of the Alliance to End Hunger. “Congress must set aside political brinksmanship and prioritize the passage of a Farm Bill that will not only end hunger but also save lives.”

“Congress should act now on the farm bill to ensure investments in proven programs like nutrition incentives and produce prescriptions continue to grow and reach their full potential to benefit more American farmers, grocers, and families experiencing poverty, said Kate Krauss, CEO at Fair Food Network:”

“Farmers both in the U.S. and abroad face increasing challenges from climate change and volatile market conditions,” said Katie Lee, vice president of Government Affairs at Farm Journal Foundation. “Farmers need to be able to access the latest innovations to address these risks and meet rising global demand for food. Passing a Farm Bill is extremely important to ensure continued funding for agricultural research and innovation programs, including the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and other important initiatives.”

“In the United States, around 40 percent of all food is lost or wasted. Meanwhile, one-in-ten American households face food insecurity,” said the Zero Food Waste Coalition. “It is critical that lawmakers swiftly pass a strong Farm Bill to support rural producers and communities, help keep food out of landfills, and nourish people.”

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