A Prayer for Kenosha: ‘My heart aches as I look at this city in flames’


Editor’s note: Rev. Lawrence L. Kirby II, pastor of The Acts Church of Kenosha and a Bread for the World board member, wrote this prayer in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer.

Father God,
My heart aches as I look at this city in flames. I know that there is pain, frustration, anger and hopelessness running rampant in Kenosha. Father I seek your presence and look to you as our source of hope for the future. We need you. We bow before you and even now we trust you. Be our strength. I lift up Jake to you and ask you to heal him, I ask you to protect his family and be their strength. I pray for our city, the PD, the business owners, the leadership, and most of all the people of Kenosha. We seek an end to racism, oppression, violence, cruelty, hatred, rage, insensitive and disunity.
Holy Spirit bring us together and unite us to build a better tomorrow. We are exhausted but we find rest in you.
In the mighty, matchless, magnificent name of Jesus I pray…
Amen, let it be so.


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