Another win for global food security. Thank you!

Jane Sebbi tends to her goats in Kamuli, Uganda. Laura Elizabeth Pohl/Bread for the World.

By Rev. David Beckmann

More good news to share!

Yesterday, the Senate passed its version of the Global Food Security Act (S. 1252) by voice vote with strong, bipartisan support.

Call (800-826-3688) your senators to say thanks for supporting the Global Food Security Act (S. 1252).

This win, on the heels of the House’s passage of the bill last week, gets us closer to making Feed the Future permanent, helping build global food security for years to come.

The Bible tells us that if we do not grow weary of doing good, our efforts will be rewarded (Galatians 6:9). Without your persistent and faithful advocacy, we would not have this victory to celebrate.

The Global Food Security Act will help nearly 7 million farmers in developing countries increase their productivity and income. The harvest of your labor will help more than 12 million children around the world receive the nutrition they need to survive and thrive — truly something to give thanks for and celebrate.

Minor differences between the House and Senate bills still need to be reconciled before final passage, so there is still more work to be done. We are urging lawmakers to act quickly.

Thank you for all you do to bring an end to hunger.

Rev. David Beckmann is the president of Bread for the World.

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