April 2023 Offering of Letters Updates

A video message from Rev. Eugene Cho, president and CEO of Bread for the World

Since Bread for the World launched our Farm Bill Campaign last December, we have received almost 500 commitments to hold an Offering of Letters. As churches and campuses across the country participate in our 2023 Offering of Letters on the farm bill, we want to let you know about a few new resources and best practices for your letter-writing event, along with some friendly reminders: 

New resources: We now have a 2023 OL PowerPoint that helps explain this year’s Offering of Letters and a video presenting the PowerPoint. These have been added to the list of Resources to Organize Your Event on our OL website: www.bread.org/OL.  

Best practices: For greater impact, schedule an appointment at your member of Congress’s local office, and hand-deliver the letters. Do this together with other churches and groups in your area, if possible. After delivering the letters, send an email to your member of Congress’s policy staff to make a personal connection and request a response. Your regional organizer can provide the necessary contact information. 


  • If you have already completed your Offering of Letters, thank you! Please report your results if you haven’t already, so we know how many letters have been sent to each member of Congress. Your feedback also helps us improve future campaigns. 
  • If you have not yet held your Offering of Letters, be sure to take photos of your event!  
  • If you have not yet committed to an Offering of Letters this year, there’s still time! Please be in touch with your regional organizer about the Offering of Letters and any questions you might have. 

Thank you for your commitment as we urge U.S. decision makers to pursue a world without hunger!  

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