Building Back Better with a 1,000-Days Infrastructure Package


 2021 may well see the largest public investments in U.S. infrastructure in more than half a century. The definition of “infrastructure” has evolved considerably over the decades since then. Physical infrastructure projects, such as building roads and bridges, may be the first examples that come to people’s minds, and these are certainly types of infrastructure. But national leaders are now aware that smart and timely investments in “human infrastructure” can benefit the country just as much or more.  

What is a “1,000-Days infrastructure”? The concept focuses on infrastructure that is tailored to a specific period of about 1,000 days—between a woman’s pregnancy and a child’s second birthday. This is a time of tremendous potential for individuals, communities, and whole nations. Research in the fields of neuroscience, biology and early childhood development provides powerful insights into how nutrition, health, and education during the 1,000 days shape a person’s entire life.  It is why several of the world’s leading economists have called for greater investments in the nutrition and well. 

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