'Hard to ignore what we've seen'

Dave, Helen and their beautiful granddaughter. Photo courtesy of the Mezzera family.

By Dave and Helen Mezzera

We want to match your gift to Bread for the World.

It’s simple, really. We strongly believe Bread for the World makes a difference. The programs they defend provide long-term solutions for people struggling with hunger. As Christians, we are thankful that Bread helps unify our voices and remind Congress to make moral decisions. We believe that together we help hold Congress accountable to the people and reinforce the importance of helping one another.

Bread’s work is so important that we’ve partnered with a group of generous donors to match every dollar donated by Dec. 31—up to $80,000. 

Make the most of this opportunity to hold our elected officials to a moral standard. Please give now.

While our family has been fortunate enough not to struggle with hunger, we cannot ignore the fact that hunger is a terrible reality for too many men, women, and children in this world. 

It’s hard to ignore what we’ve seen with our own eyes.

As an inner-city schoolteacher, I (Helen) saw the results of hunger in classrooms every day: tired children who struggled to engage and learn as they tried to ignore their empty bellies. I am aware of the positive effects of the programs Bread advocates for, like free and reduced-price lunch and SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) benefits.  These programs help hardworking families make ends meet during difficult times.

And while serving in Vietnam, every night, I (Dave) would see dinner being prepared by local women.  It was just a simple fish and vegetable broth.  Forty-five years later, the image of that simple soup being heated over a Sterno can still moves me. 

These memories and our faith stir us to act. As Christians, we try to follow the life Jesus Christ wants us to live, and that means helping others.

Before the year ends, I hope you will join us in making a gift in support of Bread’s vital efforts to end hunger.

Help us help those in need. Your gift protects the programs that help hungry people, wherever they may be. Give by Dec. 31 to have your gift doubled—for double the impact.  

We hope our generosity inspires you to join us, and the thousands of Bread members who have already made a donation, in advocating for those facing hunger this Christmas season.

Dave and Helen Mezzera are Bread for the World members from California.

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