Hunger in the News: Hispanic children, childhood hunger programs, and race, poverty, and class

Hunger in the News: Immigration, mass incarceration, India, and sustainable development . Photo: Bread for the World

Born into poverty: Rural Hispanic children face huge obstacles,” by Teresa Wiltz, Pew/Stateline Staff Writer, USA Today. “Today, one in four babies born in the U.S. is Hispanic. Increasingly they are being born into immigrant families who’ve bypassed the cities — the traditional pathway for immigrants — for rural America.”

Obama: America Must Deal ‘Honestly With Issues of Race, Poverty and Class,’” by Voice of America. “U.S. President Barack Obama says in the year since the “tragic death” of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the United States has “come to see more clearly than ever, the frustration in many communities of color and the feeling that … laws can be applied unevenly.”

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Live in Poverty at Some Point: Study,” by Robert Preidt, U.S. News & World Report. “Many Americans will live in poverty at some point in their lives, a new study shows.”

Boozman Discusses Childhood Hunger Programs With Clearinghouse Staff,” by Justin Bates, Times Record. “Area children who depend on free and reduced-price school meals for the bulk of their nourishment likely experience hardship while school is out for the summer, but the U.S. Senate’s Agriculture Committee has introduced legislation that it hopes will help to minimize that burden.”

New bill proposes changes to child nutrition programs,” by Caitlyn Chastain, WALB News 10. “A new bill introduced in the Senate aims to provide more flexibility to summer meals programs.”

Fighting hunger and malnutrition,” by CNN Philippines. “A national nutrition survey says, 20 percent of Filipino children aged 0 to 5 are underweight while 30 percent are stunted or too short for their age. The Philippines ranked 9th in the world, according to a UNICEF study with the most number of stunted children.”

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