Hunger in the News: Inequality, sentencing reform, and world hunger

Hunger in the News

Hunger on College Campuses: Another Barrier to Getting a Degree?” by Bob Hildreth, Huffington Post. “Wick Sloane teaches a college writing class at Bunker Hill Community College, where he also manages the Emergency Assistance Fund. There are weeks, he said, he spends “more time helping students sign up for food stamps than I have correcting essays.” The same thing is true for many of his colleagues.”

Economy of exclusion, inequality caused growth of poverty, pope says,” Junno Arocho Esteves, Catholic New Service. “An economic vision geared solely toward profit and material well-being has led to an economy of exclusion and inequality that has increased poverty and the number of people discarded “as unproductive and useless,” Pope Francis said.”

Why We Can’t Afford to Wait for Federal Sentencing Reform,” by Jeremy Haile, Huffington Post. “In his remarkable speech at Howard University, President Obama asked graduates, ‘If you care about mass incarceration… How are you pressuring members of Congress to pass the criminal justice reform bill now pending before them?’”

World hunger is at its lowest point in at least 25 years. Thank democracy,” by Libby Nelson, Vox. “Something remarkable is happening in Ethiopia: Although the country is in the middle of yet another brutal drought, it’s no longer leading to deaths from starvation.”

Childhood hunger: Schools, groups offer summer options,” by Sarah Fowler, The Clarion Ledger. “Last month, 5-year-old Tamyrria came home from school and ran into the kitchen.  She flung open the door to the refrigerator, eyes scanning the shelves. Empty.”

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