Hunger in the News: UN, poor diet, and presidential candidates

Hunger in the News

The reality of poverty is challenging, but don’t avoid it, Pope says,” by Hannah, Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency. “On Wednesday Pope Francis said that while donating money to charity might make us feel good, seeing real poverty in the flesh is a challenge we have to face, rather than trying to avoid it.”

Food-stamp challenge leaves Stockton student hungry,” by Diane D’Amico, The Press of Atlantic City. “Askhia Khawaja knows a Ziploc bag of cheese puffs is not a meal, but it will get her through a week of trying to live on $4.23 per day.”

Global report lays strategy to end hunger,” by Emmanuel Ntirenganya, The New Times. “Adopting sustainable land, water, fisheries and forestry management practices among smallholder farmers is critical to end global poverty and hunger, a new report says.”

“’13th’ Maps The Road From Slavery To Mass Incarceration,” by Terry Gross, Fresh Air, NPR. “Ava DuVernay’s new film takes its name from the amendment that abolished slavery, but allowed for prisoner servitude. Critic John Powers says 13th puts forth a searing interpretation of U.S. history.

Poor Diet Is The Greatest Risk To Worldwide Health, Report Says,” by Allison Fox, The Huffington Post. “Diet-related disease is not just an American problem. Across the globe, poor diets now pose a greater collective health risk than unsafe sex, alcohol, drugs and tobacco use combined, according to a new report by the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition.

Where the candidates stand on criminal justice and policing,” by PBS NewsHour. “In our series on the issues shaping this election, we turn to the topic of crime and justice. Donald Trump has promised to curb crime through stronger “law and order” initiatives, while Hillary Clinton has addressed issues of racial bias and over-incarceration. Lisa Desjardins speaks with Leah Wright Rigueur from Harvard University and David Harris from the University of Pittsburgh for more.”

Tim Kaine in Detroit: Fighting poverty a moral responsibility,” by Kathleen Gray, Detroit Free Press. “Fighting poverty is one of the defining moral issues of the 2016 elections Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told a group of about 200 people in Detroit on Tuesday.”

UN: Global agriculture needs a ‘profound transformation’ to fight climate change and protect food security,” by Chelsea Harvey, The Washington Post. “Climate change has already begun to affect the world’s food production, a new report from the United Nations warns — and unless significant action is taken, it could put millions more people at risk of hunger and poverty in the next few decades.”

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