Introducing the 2016 Offering of Letters: Survive and Thrive

2016 Offering of Letters: Survive and Thrive

By Rev. David Beckmann

Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications in pregnancy or childbirth. Every five seconds, a child dies, often from preventable causes such as malnutrition. We can change this, and it starts with a simple letter.

For over 40 years, letters to Congress have helped drive the progress we’ve made against hunger. The 2016 Offering of Letters: Survive and Thrive will focus on the nutrition and health of mothers and children. We are asking Congress to support robust funding in this year’s appropriations bill for nutrition and health for mothers, newborns, and young children.

Printed Offering of Letters kits will be available in March and can be pre-ordered from the Bread store. However, you can start learning about the issues and planning your letter-writing event NOW. Everything you need is available on our website, including:

  • A biblical reflection on how God cares for all who share the gift of life
  • An in-depth explanation of what we are asking of Congress and why
  • A sample letter to get you started

Spanish-language materials will also be available on our website on February 8th.

As Congress begins determining next year’s funding priorities, it is important for your members of Congress to hear from you with letters early in the year. So don’t delay. Start planning your Offering of Letters today.

The world has made tremendous progress against hunger, but when the scourge of malnutrition takes too many precious lives or saps potential, it is clear that we have more work to do — faithful work. Asking our government to be a leader in global nutrition means we are helping to bring about God’s vision of a world without hunger.

Thank you for your participation in this year’s Offering of Letters and for all you do to bring an end to hunger.

Rev. David Beckmann is the president of Bread for the World.

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