Join us for a week of prayer for an end to hunger Oct. 12-18

Bread for the World Lobby Day 2014. Rick Reinhard for Bread for the World.

By Bishop José García

As a Christian organization, Bread puts prayer at the heart of our work to end hunger. We have a new partner in our prayer work, which means we will be inviting more people to pray for the end of hunger.

This new partnership with Guideposts is part of the momentum around prayer that we’ve been building since we announced our renewed commitment to prayer in March. At the encouragement of Bread’s beloved founder, Rev. Art Simon, we kicked up the volume on our prayer work earlier this year. Convinced that prayer makes a difference, Simon and Bread’s board of directors urged us to set a goal to mobilize 100,000 people praying regularly for the end of hunger.

Bread is joining with the OurPrayer Ministry of Guideposts for a week of prayer to end hunger. Guideposts is a nonprofit organization that touches millions of lives every day through products and services that inspire, encourage, and uplift. Through magazines, books, a prayer network, and outreach programs, Guideposts helps people connect their faith values to their daily lives.

Guideposts’ campaign with Bread will take place the week of World Food Day — October 12 to 18. This week culminates on Bread for the World Sunday.

We’re thankful for the thousands of Bread members and supporters who have already committed to praying regularly for an end to hunger. Many have found Bread’s bimonthly prayer suggestions helpful in their spiritual disciplines. During Bread’s campaign with Guideposts later this month, perhaps you will be inspired or have your faith deepened in knowing that other Christians will be joining you to pray for an end to hunger.

If you haven’t joined Bread in these prayers yet, commit to regular prayer for an end to hunger and learn more about these prayers at

Over the past several months, Bread staff, board members, advocates, and church partners have each taken on hunger prayers in their own way. Some large denominations like the Episcopal Church and the Church of God of Prophecy have called their members to prayer. We’ve seen thousands praying at once during conferences, and those of you who came to Bread’s National Gathering in June prayed as you visited your members of Congress.

Bishop José García is the director of the church relations department at Bread for the World.  

Photo: Bread for the World Lobby Day 2014. Rick Reinhard for Bread for the World.

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