Learning from U.S. Nutrition Investments in Tanzania: Progress and Partnerships

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A wide range of projects are currently being funded in Tanzania to improve nutrition outcomes, guided by the government’s National Nutrition Strategy. Steps are being taken to strengthen internal management and coordination of nutrition affairs through the Prime Minister’s office and with support from the global SUN Movement. A key change is that ministries are being asked to recognize and measure their nutritionsensitive programs in addition to their nutrition-specific interventions.

The United States has made significant investments in Tanzania’s National Nutrition Strategy through Feed the Future and other programs. Developing nutrition strategies for USAID and for the whole of U.S. government presents an opportunity to complement and reinforce existing efforts to improve nutrition outcomes and to help build the evidence base for actions, as called for in the Lancet series on maternal and child nutrition.

This paper looks at efforts to scale up nutrition in Tanzania, identifying successes and challenges in program implementation and coordination that deserve consideration as projects are planned in other Feed the Future countries and elsewhere.

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