Match Met –More Than $1.34 million Raised!


By Rick Steves

Match met —more than $1.34 million raised!

Thank you for responding to my annual matching gift challenge. You joined more than 4,700 other people —and together, you donated more than $582,000. With my $500,000 match and $260,000 in matching funds from other Bread members, that’s more than $1.34 million to help build the political will to end hunger!

Our support of Bread for the World is absolutely critical in the weeks and months ahead. In 2023, Bread will work with a new Congress to take action on funding and policy measures that can —with Bread’s advocacy —effectively tackle extreme poverty. At the top of Congress’s list will be reauthorizing the Farm Bill, which is only reauthorized every few years and provides for critical anti-hunger programs.

I am a proud Bread for the World member because, like you, I believe we can end hunger, and together we’ve made tremendous progress. Thanks to our collective effort —we’re making a huge difference in the lives of hungry people.

Our friends at Bread for the World report that our initiative has injected palpable energy into the organization at the beginning of another daunting year. If you care about ending hunger —Bread gets it done.

Thanks, and congrats to all involved!

Rick Steves is a travel writer and Bread for the World member.

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