Nutrition CEO Council Asks Congress for $5 Billion to Address Global Nutrition Crisis

Jennifer Hardy/CRS

Washington, D.C., May 6, 2022 – Bread for the World president and CEO Rev. Eugene Cho signed a joint letter released today by the Nutrition CEO Council urging Congress to provide $5 billion in supplemental funding for international humanitarian food and nutrition assistance and $5 billion for global COVID funding.

The Nutrition CEO Council is a body of leaders from international non-governmental organizations who care about ending the crisis of malnutrition in all its forms. The following statement can be attributed to Rev. Cho, who also serves as co-chair of the Council:

“The world is facing the worst global malnutrition crisis in decades. Rising inflation, unprecedented heat waves, drought, and the war in Ukraine and other conflicts have caused global food prices to reach the highest level ever recorded. As a result, 13 million additional people could become undernourished this year on top of the already 800 million undernourished people across the globe. Children will be especially impacted by this crisis – malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children under five globally.  

“The United States has long been a leader in providing humanitarian assistance. We cannot back down now. I ask everyone to urge their Members of Congress to provide funding that will adequately address both the global malnutrition crisis and the ongoing challenges caused by COVID. Tens of millions of lives are at stake.”

Read the Nutrition CEO Council letter to Congress.

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