Prayers to End Hunger: Cicadas

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In parts of the eastern United States, cicadas have now emerged after a 17-year period of underground dormancy, their only sustenance the sugars they have been able to suck from the roots of trees that tower above the earth’s surface.

This periodic emergence of cicadas reminds us of the complex design of creation and its intrinsic interconnectedness. It is also an opportunity to pause to reflect on the slow, yet steady unfolding of God’s grace evident in each of our lives, including in our advocacy to end hunger. 

Much of advocacy involves people and works we will never know, but efforts that nevertheless become evident through direct works of mercy and service, faithful advocacy with elected officials, and fervent prayers that open us to encounter God anew.  Anchored in the rhythm of our seasons and their steady unfolding, we pray:

God of All Creation,

We give thanks for the ways your wisdom and beauty are revealed to us through sacred creation, including the cicadas.  Our hearts are full as we reflect on the many people, prayers, and actions that have been taken – their cumulative total known only to you – for the sake of ending hunger.

As we grow to encounter you anew through other living things, humble us to recognize the dignity of all creation and our shared partnership in caring for the earth and its resources that nurture life.

By the power of your Holy Spirit, may we see ourselves as one part of the food system, not at its top or center, but in a unique position to steward it and ensure all who are part of it are treated with equity and dignity.  And may we never tire or grow weary for an end to hunger, but look instead to the seasons and our natural surroundings for inspiration and renewal. 

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.  

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