Prayers to End Hunger: ‘Do what you’ve been called to do!’

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Lobby Day 2015. Zach Blum for Bread for the World.

After seeing the decimation the plagues had wreacked on Egypt, the Israelites stood on the edge of the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s armies at their back. Despite God’s promise of deliverance, they were frightened, certain that destruction would greet them that evening. Sensing the unrest, Moses told the people to stand firm and trust in the Lord — he knew God would deliver.

But then came God’s instruction: “Why are you calling out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.” Moses needed only to do as the Lord had instructed and lead the people forward in their journey. God promised deliverance, and that promise was fulfilled.

Sometimes we cry out to the Lord for rescue, and the answer we receive is simple: Do what you’ve been called to do! The Israelites needed to keep moving, resisting the stalling effects of fear. We know God has called us to work to end hunger. As we pray and cry out for that very thing, we can’t forget to keep moving forward, to continue our mission to end hunger and suffering around the world.

With confidence in God’s calling, let’s pray together for:

  1. All those who suffer from the effects of hunger, that they might be filled with good things.
  2. The church to follow God’s call to work for an end to hunger through prayer, action, and giving.
  3. Our leaders in Congress, that they make hunger a priority by enacting effective tax policies that reward our nation’s hardworking families.

When you commit to joining in praying for an end to hunger, we will email you twice a month with specific prayer requests and sample prayers. Learn more about how you can get involved with prayer at Bread.

Photo: Lobby Day 2015. Zach Blum for Bread for the World.


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