Preparing Our Hearts During Advent


As our calendar year comes to a close, the tradition of Advent that many Christians follow invites us into practices of joyful anticipation, earnest prayer, sincere repentance, and deep reflection.

The shorter days here in the Northern Hemisphere create more darkness in our lives. We are tempted to jump to the shiny bright celebration of Christmas, but if we stay with our Advent practices, we can be more present to God’s work changing our hearts so that we might join in Christ’s work of changing the world.

This Advent season, we begin our journey by turning our hearts toward God. We remember that we can trust in God’s unmatched mercy and immeasurable grace—for God so loved the world, we’ve been blessed with a savior, the Prince of Peace. Then we turn our hearts to the broken places in the world that so desperately need the light of Christ’s hope, peace, joy, and love.

Please join Bread for the World this Advent season in these practices so that we might follow Jesus’ example and work to be the light of hope, peace, joy, and love in the world.

God’s hope is key to our efforts to end hunger. Through our faith in Christ, we endeavor to advocate for the more than 700 million people experiencing hunger around the world. People are not only in need of food, but there’s a global hunger for justice, equity, and security. This is why our work is grounded in the distinct hope that Christ’s arrival brings.

Will you continue to join us in prayer and reflection this Advent season? As Christians, we can come together to spread hope, peace, joy, and love in Jesus’ name while working to end hunger in our time. Download our free Advent devotional and learn more about our Advent themes here.

Rev. Nancy Neal is the minister for spiritual formation and wellness at Bread for the World.

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