Rick Steves new documentary provides lessons on hunger and hope

Rick Steves, his crew, and a translator in Guatemala. Rick Steves Europe.

Noted guidebook author, travel TV host, and longtime Bread for the World member and supporter Rick Steves has released a new special—”Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala.”

In this hour-long documentary, Steves ventures beyond Europe to learn about the key aspects of extreme poverty and how communities in the developing world are overcoming these challenges. Working closely with experts and locals, Steves unpacks the important role that clean water, education, nutrition, and empowered women play in ending hunger.

Rather than focusing on charity as the sole solution, “Hunger and Hope” explores how communities are using smart development to rise out of extreme poverty and and become self-sufficient. The documentary is distinctively optimistic tone challenges viewers to rethink how we view and address world hunger.

“’Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala’ is five minutes desperation and fifty-five minutes of hope,” Steves said. “This isn’t another documentary that wallows in the all-too-common theme of guilt and hopelessness. Instead, viewers will walk away feeling encouraged and hopeful.”

To better understand how communities in Ethiopia and Guatemala are addressing extreme poverty, the documentary includes stories from local farmers, small business owners, social justice advocates, and others who are accessing resources and finding innovative ways to pull their families and communities out of poverty.

With the help of nonprofit organizations, Steves also learns how financial literacy and health education are providing long-term opportunities for locals—and why investing in the fight to end hunger is a good and practical investment as global citizens.

“Hunger and Hope” is being aired on public television stations nationwide and can also be viewed on Bread for the World’s website.

After watching the documentary, we encourage you to take action to help people living in hunger. 

Bread for the World’s 2020 Offering of Letters: Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow urges Congress to pass legislation that provides nutrition for vulnerable people in the United States and abroad. Our faith calls us to stand alongside women and children around the world. Our government should provide leadership toward a well-nourished world.

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