Tell your representative to ‘Feed the Future’

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Photo by Louis Stippel/USAID

By Eric Mitchell

Thanks to your calls and emails, there is strong, bipartisan support for the Global Food Security Act of 2015 (H.R. 1567) in Congress.

This act authorizes — makes permanent — the Feed the Future program. Since 2008, Feed the Future has helped over 12.5 million children gain access to nutritious foods, while also assisting nearly seven million farmers and food producers in developing nations with newer, more updated agricultural methods. In making programs that are truly life-saving permanent, the world is one step closer to eradicating extreme poverty, creating sustainable agricultural-led growth in developing nations, and improving nutrition for women and children.

Your calls have generated over 50 cosponsors of the Global Food Security Act. But we need more in order for this bill to reach the House floor. We need 100 cosponsors before the House adjourns for its August recess.

Congress has only a few days of work left before its summer break. This makes passage of the Global Food Security Act even more critical. ACT NOW: Call (800/826-3688) or email your representative today. Urge them to cosponsor the Global Food Security Act of 2015 (H.R. 1567)!

One out of nine people — 795 million in all — grapple with hunger daily. Let Congress know that passage of the Global Food Security Act is vital in the long-term fight to end hunger, malnutrition, and extreme poverty.

Eric Mitchell is the director of government relations at Bread for the World.

Photo: In Ghana, Feed the Future, the U.S. global hunger and food security initiative, has provided agricultural development assistance to this woman and other members of a women’s rice processing group. Louis Stippel/USAID

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