Thank You

Bob Roller/CNS

By David Beckmann

At the end of June, I will retire as president of Bread for the World and the Alliance to End Hunger. I want to express my gratitude to all of you—Bread for the World’s wonderful network of faithful members, active churches, and partner organizations. You influence your members of Congress, provide leadership in your churches and communities, and sustain Bread for the World with your financial support.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have led Bread for the World for nearly 30 years. Together, we have had a significant impact on U.S. public policies that are important to people struggling with hunger. We have contributed to the world’s dramatic progress against hunger, poverty, and disease during this period. God has been present among us and has used us.

Our country now faces huge challenges—COVID-19 and all its consequences, structural racism and its consequences, and the most important election in 100 years. Our work together as Bread for the World is needed now more than ever.

In my view, what we most need is better leadership from the U.S. government. Thankfully, President Trump finally acknowledged the severity of the COVID-19 crisis in mid-March. The two parties have since then worked together to develop a massive response, focused mainly on moderating the economic impact of COVID-19.

Bread for the World and our partners have helped to win assistance to address increased hunger and poverty. But while much more needs to be done,  powerful forces are arrayed against the interests of low-income people and people of color. 

In this time of crisis, Bread for the World is blessed to welcome Rev. Eugene Cho as its new president. Eugene is deeply grounded in God and Jesus and well equipped to lead Bread for the World over the coming years. I’m confident that Eugene will provide the dynamic leadership Bread needs now.

I also have great confidence in you, the members of Bread for the World. Through Bread for the World advocacy and an active role in the 2020 elections, you will help our national government provide the leadership our country and the world so desperately need.

Most importantly, we can have confidence in God. Our Christian faith recognizes the power of evil and death in the world. Jesus Christ suffered and died for the sins of the world. Yet God raised Jesus from the dead, lives within us, and promises a joyous conclusion to the human story.

After my retirement, I’ll continue to work with Bread and the Alliance in a supportive role. I will have more time to study and learn, and I’ll share what I’m learning through a personal blog. Please visit now and sign up to stay in touch. I look forward to hearing what you are thinking and doing in this time of change.

David Beckmann is the president of Bread for the World. 

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