Turn faith into action


By Rev. David Beckmann

Pope Francis has come to the U.S. at a critical time to shine a light on the issue of hunger and poverty. “Now is the time for a change in mindset and to stop pretending that our actions do not affect those who suffer from hunger,” he proclaims.

Take action now to help people who are in need!

Unless you act now, the U.S. Congress will severely cut programs that effectively reduce poverty and hunger. From the humanitarian crisis in Syria to the ongoing desperation of a mother with an infant she cannot feed in Philadelphia, the cutbacks could be devastating. Your voice will make a difference and can help stop extreme cutbacks.

Tell Congress: Cutting effective assistance programs won’t end hunger or solve our deficits. Protect programs that millions of people cannot afford to go without.

Whatever budget our lawmakers negotiate this year will likely remain in place through 2017, as the upcoming elections will make it difficult for Congress to pass major legislation. Automatic budget cuts adopted in 2011 will hurt families that can least afford it. It will also make it impossible to restore past cuts or make new investments in critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.

Instead of more cuts to already struggling programs that effectively reduce poverty and hunger in the U.S. and around the world, Congress needs a responsible budget that reflects and shapes our country’s priorities.

Tell Congress to approve a responsible budget that stops the automatic cuts. We can cut the deficit while also fulfilling our moral imperative to help people whom Jesus called “the least of these” (Matthew 25:45).

Rev. David Beckmann is the president of Bread for the World.

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