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Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto is Executive Director of Christians for Social Action, which combines biblical scholarship with policy analysis to further economic justice, support interdependence, promote racial and ecological justice, and generally try to make the world a better place. Previously, Toyama-Szeto served in leadership positions at International Justice Mission, the Urbana Conference, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She writes on justice, leadership, gender issues and racial justice for various outlets. She is co-author of God of justice: The IJM Institute Global Church Curriculum and Partnering with the Global Church (Urbana Onward), and co-edited More than Serving Tea, a collection of essays, stories and poems looking at the intersection of race, gender, and faith for Asian American women. Toyama-Szeto holds a mechanical engineering degree from Stanford University and completed her master’s in organizational leadership at Eastern University, studying in South Africa. Toyama-Szeto is evangelical. Washington, DC.