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Below are a collection of assets for Bread for the World.

Brand Toolkit

This Brand Toolkit was created to showcase the rules that explain how our brand should be used internally and externally. The document provides specific instructions about the brand’s tangible elements in all forms of branded communications — from business cards to ads, packaging to signage, and everything in between. By following these specific brand guidelines, Bread will leave its fingerprint across all communications touchpoints

Brand Assets

This mark is the core of the logo and represents the rich history and future promise of our organization. Paired with our name, people see the identity behind the logo and what we do. We gather people, at many tables, to provide Bread for the World.


Brand Fonts

Garnett and TT Hoves are the main brand fonts used by Bread for the World. They both contain small caps and a wide range of special characters. Garnett has several styles used for heading, subheading, and more. TT Hoves is used for long form copy, text boxes, small technical copy disclaimers.


Brand Colors

Color is a powerful tool. It has the ability to evoke feelings, attract audiences, and express personality and values. Bread’s brand color palette is a strategically selected set of colors that marks our unique identity.


Brand Elements

The Bread pattern was designed with the same building blocks as our logo. Intended to be repeatable and used in a wide variety of applications, this pattern set further emphasizes the call to fill every bowl across the globe.


SEO Playbook

There are many factors that play into how a website ranks in search engines and no silver bullet to promise pageone rankings. However, there are some fundamental, intentional best practices that can help continue to rank highly for current keywords and compete for new opportunities.


Curved Pattern Background
Curved Pattern Background

Topline Messaging

This document is intended to equip Bread staff and Board members in their communication of Bread’s vision, goals, and key messages with external (existing or potential) stakeholders.


Our Image Philosophy

Our voice evokes compassion, optimism, knowledge & relatability. We celebrate abundance and possibility, not leading with guilt, lack, or despair. To evoke these emotions visually in purposeful and practical ways, we use two types of images implemented through the 80/20 rule. We strategically place high impact images 20% of the time and context images 80% of the time.

Our impact images are modern photos with strong profiles and broad negative space that allow for context imagination. Our context images go with messaging that is specific to a distinct topic. They communicate a more contextually focused emotion, place in time, or location.

Social Media Templates

This document contains templates for social media.

This document contains the Brand Photo Library

This document contains images of Bread Members
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