For over 50 years, Bread has proven that transformative progress is within reach. With God’s guidance, Bread stands as a leading force in the movement to end hunger, backed by decades of expertise and trust.

Our Generations campaign is a celebration of our progress together, and an invitation to go deeper. Your support of this campaign will strengthen our most effective core programs, expand high impact new programs, and sustain Bread’s work for generations to come.

As you peruse the resources below, we invite your continued and deepened support  as we work together to end hunger.


David Beckmann
President Emeritus
Honorary Campaign Co-Chair


Art Simon
President Emeritus
Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, In Memoriam


Vic Adamo
Generations Campaign Committee Co-Chair


Rose DiMartino
Generations Campaign Committee Co-chair


“I thank God for Bread for the World and all that we have done together over 50 years to reduce hunger in our country and around the world. My wife Janet and I are increasing our annual gift and have committed part of our estate to Bread for the World’s work in the years and decades ahead.”

–David Beckmann, President Emeritus, Honorary Campaign Co-Chair

“What we do may be small, but those small things that we do add up to something really big and powerful because we never do it alone. We do it with a cohort of wonderful people around the country and committed people, and when that commitment, by enough of the populace, becomes the commitment, then, of our political leaders, that translates into change that is truly powerful and on a big scale.”

–Art Simon, President Emeritus, Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, In Memoriam

“This is an important time to include Bread for the World in your giving because the 50th anniversary is a galvanizing moment in the history of Bread for the World. Know that you are plugging into the flow of a much larger movement. This campaign will really help us to engage the scale of hunger that we see in the world. Bread for the world has that global reach that will make a difference.”

–Bishop James B. Walker, CME Church and Bread Board Member

At this time, more urgently than ever, we need Bread for the World, and we need more people to get on board with supporting Bread to make sure that the poor are top of mind for our legislators.  

–Adam Edgerly, Director of Covenant World Relief and Bread Board Member 

“We should all be thinking about giving our most generous gifts to Bread for the World in this campaign because this work is so critically important. If we give our most generous gifts now, we’re helping Bread for the World build for the future so that good policies can be created that will truly improve the quality of life for everybody in our country and around the world.” 

–Kate Howe, Executive Director of the Indy Hunger Network and Bread Board Member 

“We’re poised to do something important–it’s a particularly good time for this campaign.” 

–Dave Miner, Retired Eli Lilly executive and Bread Board Member 

“This campaign will give Bread for the World the resources for the long run. It will allow us to reach new activists and bring more people into the movement, and really address the challenges of our time and make inroads to really ending hunger here in the US and around the world.” 

–Kate Pringle, Attorney, Former Bread Board Chair 

“A dollar invested in Bread turns out to be thousands of dollars in return when we’re successful in Congress, which Bread has been over the years. My best investment in ending hunger is to Bread for the World given the leveraging effect.” 

Vic Adamo, retired President of ProAssurance, Bread Board Member 

Thank you for considering your most generous gift in this critical moment to advance the movement to end hunger.


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Vice President for Development
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Donor Relations
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