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We can end hunger in our time. But doing it depends on people like you getting involved. When you raise your voice and urge your nation’s decision makers to change policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, you help build the political will to end hunger. When your voice is joined with others, it is amplified.

Together, we can change lives and, in the process, be changed ourselves.

Bread activists urge members of Congress to protect programs that help hungry people. Photo: Joseph Molieri / Bread for the World.

Become a Member

When you become a member of Bread for the World, you strengthen our collective Christian voice to end hunger and bear witness to God’s love and compassion for all people in need.

You can become a Bread member through prayer, activism, and giving:


Commit yourself to ongoing prayer. Whenever you say, “Give us this day our daily bread,” let it represent a prayer for an end to hunger. By doing so, we participate in God’s work of caring for all people in need.


Put your faith into action and become an advocate by:

  • Writing a letter, sending an email, or calling your members of Congress about critical issues.
  • Involving your church, campus, or community group in Bread’s annual Offering of Letters campaign or Bread for the World Sunday.
  • Participating in a local or campus Bread for the World team.
  • Becoming a Bread leader in your community and joining in-person or online campaigns and actions.
  • Urging candidates for Congress to address hunger and poverty issues.


Help provide resources to leverage big changes. When you give a gift to Bread for the World, its impact is multiplied. Every dollar you give to support our advocacy helps Bread for the World secure hundreds of dollars in lifesaving assistance for families in the United States and around the world. There are lots of ways to give.

If you are not able to contribute at this time, contact to receive a complimentary one-year membership and receive our Bread newsletter.

Bread for the World members lobby Congress to make ending hunger a top priority for government. Photo: Joe Molieri / Bread for the World

Interested in Bread but not ready to become a member?

Join our email list and we’ll keep you informed about actions you can take to help end hunger.

You can also add one of our regular publications to your inbox.

Bread Newsletter is a succinct roundup of news and activities you can do to end hunger right now, delivered monthly

Institute Insights is a monthly newsletter offering regular reports on the global movement to end hunger by 2030, including updates on what’s happening on immediate concerns like hunger emergencies; who’s working on long-term issues like food production amid climate change; and why we can’t end hunger without tackling age-old human problems like conflict and discrimination.

Prayers to End Hunger can help you deepen your prayer commitment. After signing up, we'll send you prayer suggestions every other Friday.

Nancy Pelosi joins the 24 hour prayer vigil as an inter faith community came together to protest the GOP healthcare bill. Photo: Joe Molieri / Bread for the World

Join us, and let's work together to end hunger

Our Credo

We are moved by God’s grace in Jesus Christ
To work for justice for hungry people.
They may be in the next house.
Or in the next country.
No matter where they live, they are our neighbors.
And we have the power to help.

Charity alone is not enough.
We must urge our government to make fair decisions
So struggling families can provide for their children.

We must write personal letters and emails to Congress
And engage our churches, campuses and other organizations.
We must change laws and structures that allow poverty to persist.

When we turn our faith into action, God uses our voices.
Again and again, we win help and opportunity.
Two fish become many.
Five loaves become enough to feed a multitude.

God is moving in our time
To end hunger,
And we are part of this great liberation.

It is our mission to help our neighbors. Wherever they live.
They are hungry.
And we are Bread for the World.

"faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead"

— James 2:17

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