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Food Insecurity in Latino(a) Communities

Latinos(as) play an important role in American public life and the labor force. Latino(a) communities are among the most impacted by hunger and food insecurity. One in five Latino(a) families in the U.S. struggle to feed their children, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, nearly 50 million people are affected by hunger.

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How Bread Advocates

In the U.S., Bread advocates for programs that improve education, pathways to citizenship, healthcare and wages for the Latino community. Bread also advocates for programs in Latin and South America that tackle issues like nutrition, agriculture and migration.

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An Invitation to Advocate Together

Latino(a) voices have been and are actively present and resilient. Bread is proud to acknowledge the important contributions of Latino(a) people of faith who through both prayer and action, move us toward an end to hunger. We invite more voices to speak up for hunger and make effective, equitable programs a reality for latino(a) communities.

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