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  • Regional Organizer

    Cheri Andes

    Regional Organizer for the Northeast

  • Staff

    Nathan Askew

    Senior Manager of Administrative Services

    Contact Nathan 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Camille Brooks

    Information Systems Manager

    Contact Camille at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Stephanie Buggs

    Digital Communications and Marketing Specialist for Black Millennial Engagement

  • Staff

    Kari Burnside

    Deputy Director for Development and Membership

    Contact Kari at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Latonya Carter

    Senior Human Resources Manager

    Contact Latonya at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Robyn Carter

    Development and Membership Services Coordinator

    Contact Robyn at 202-639-9400

  • Rev. Patricia Case, Indiana State Organizer
    Regional Organizer

    Rev. Patricia Case

    Regional Organizer

    State served: Indiana


  • Regional Organizer

    Daren Caughron

    Art Simon Fellow

  • Regional Organizer

    Lupe Conchas

    Regional Organizer

    States served: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


  • Staff

    Chris Ford

    Deputy Director, Media Relations
    520-904-0415 (mobile)

  • Regional Organizer

    Florence French Fagan

    Regional Organizer

    State served: Florida


  • Staff

    Dulce Gamboa

    Senior Associate for Latino Relations

    Contact Dulce at 202-639-9400

  • Regional Organizer

    David Gist

    Regional Organizer

    State served: California


  • Staff

    Jennifer Gonzalez

    Managing Editor

    Contact Jennifer at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Marco Grimaldo

    Deputy Director For Faith Engagement

    Contact Marco at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    John Gross

    Senior Accountant

    Contact John at 202-639-9400

  • Matt Gross is the lead staff responsible for the implementation of  Bread’s mobilizing and organizing strategy across our national leadership network.
    Leadership, Regional Organizer

    Matt Gross

    Director of Organizing

    Matt is the lead staff responsible for the implementation of Bread’s mobilizing and organizing strategy across our national leadership network.

  • Fritz Gutwein is a member of Bread's donor relations team.

    Fritz Gutwein

    Donor Relations

    Contact Fritz at 202-688-1096

  • Regional Organizer

    Clark Hansen

    Regional Organizer

    States served: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming


  • Staff

    Stephen Hill

    Senior Business Officer

    Contact Stephen at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Chonya Johnson

    Senior Domestic Policy Analyst

    Contact Chonya at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Jackie Jones

    Internship Coordinator

    Contact Jackie at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Edward Lee

    Deputy Director, Digital Communications and Marketing

    Contact Edward at 202-639-9400

  • Sandy serves on Bread for the World's donor relations team.

    Sandy Lindahl

    Donor Relations

    Contact Sandy at 202-246-8773

  • Staff

    Sergio Mata-Cisneros

    Policy Analyst

  • Staff

    Vince Mezzera

    Donor Relations and Legacy Giving

    Contact Vince at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Emilly Morales

    Senior Manager, Digital Audience Engagement and Email Marketing

  • Staff

    Jeff Nelson

    Director of Finance

    Contact Jeff at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Doug Puller

    Senior Manager for Design and Art

    Contact Doug at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Ryan Quinn

    Deputy Director, Government Relations

    Contact Ryan at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Justice Randolph

    Direct Response Fundraising Manager

    Contact Justice at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Lucretia Rodgers

    Project Manager for Government Relations and Organizing

    Contact Lucretia at 202-639-9400

  • Regional Organizer

    Rosa Saavedra

    Regional Organizer

    States served: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia


  • Regional Organizer

    Zach Schmidt

    Regional Organizer

    States served: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin


  • Regional Organizer

    Nicole Schmidt

    Regional Organizer

    States served: Michigan, Ohio


  • Staff

    Hannah Sievers

    Membership Services and Monthly Giving Coordinator

    Contact Hannah at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Gail Smith-Gliss


    Contact Gail at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Robin Stephenson

    Senior Manager for Digital Campaigns

    Contact Robin at 202-688-1086

  • Regional Organizer

    Min. Dave Street

    Deputy Director

    States served: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

  • Staff

    Jamie Thomas

    Strategic Advisor for Program Effectiveness

    Contact Jamie at 202-639-9400

  • Staff

    Judith Toni

    Senior Grants Officer

  • Staff

    Angelique Walker-Smith

    Senior Associate for Pan-African and Orthodox Church Engagement

    Contact Angelique at 202/639-9400

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