Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors

    John Carr

    Chair of the Board

    John Carr is the Chair of the board. He is the founder and director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University. 

  • Board of Directors

    Iva Carruthers

    Vice Chair of the Board

    Dr. Iva Carruthers the Vice Chair of the board. She is general secretary of Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, which engages progressive African-American faith leaders in social justice issues. 

  • Board of Directors

    Carlos Malavé

    Secretary of the Board

    Louisville, Ky.  |  Executive Director of Christian Churches Together in the USA, an ecumenical forum of churches and Chrisitan orgianzations from all the families of U.S. Christianity.

  • Board of Directors

    Michael Martin

    Treasurer of the Board

    Dr. Mike Martin is the Treasurer of the board. Martin is an internal medicine specialist. 

  • Board of Directors

    Victor Adamo

    Vic Adamo is a community volunteer and retired president of ProAssurance Corporation. 

  • Board of Directors

    Spencer Bachus

    Birmingham, Ala.  |  Former U.S. Representative from Alabama (Republican).

  • Board of Directors

    Doug Beacham

    Bishop Doug Beacham is general superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. 

  • Board of Directors

    Kara Bobroff

    Kara Bobroff is founder and executive director of Native American Community Academy (NACA), a tuition-free public charter school that includes students from more than 37 different tribes. NACA works to integrate culture, wellness, language, community, family, and preparation for college into each child’s education.

  • Board of Directors

    Beth Bostrom

    Sebastian, Fla.  |  Pastor, Roseland United Methodist Church; served previously as United Methodist Chaplain at the University of Miami.

  • Board of Directors

    Chris Coons

    Senator Chris Coons is a U.S. Senator from Delaware (Democrat). He serves as an honorary member of Bread for the World’s board of directors. 

  • Board of Directors

    Janet Corpus

    Rev. Janet Corpus is senior advisor to the president at Gravestar, Inc., a private asset management company. 

  • Board of Directors

    Bob Dole

    Senator Bob Dole is the former majority leader of the U.S. Senate and former Republican candidate for president of the United States. 

  • Board of Directors

    Tim Dunbar

    Tim Dunbar is executive vice president and chief investment officer of Principal Financial Group.

  • Board of Directors

    Dick Durbin

    Springfield, Ill.  |  U.S. Senator from Illinois (Democrat) and a leader on U.S. and global hunger and poverty issues.

  • Board of Directors

    Jeremy Everett

    Jeremy Everett is the founder and executive director of the Texas Hunger Initiative, a capacity-building, anti-hunger project within Baylor University.

  • Board of Directors

    Jeff Fortenberry

    Lincoln, Neb.  |  Jeff Fortenberry is U.S. Representative from Nebraska's first district.

  • Board of Directors

    Claire Gholston

    Claire Gholston is a Bread for the World activist. 

  • Board of Directors

    Mike Goorhouse

    Mike Goorhouse is president and CEO of the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area.

  • Board of Directors

    Jeffrey Haggray

    Dr. Jeffrey Haggray is executive director of the American Baptist Churches Home Mission Society.

  • Board of Directors

    Tony Hall

    Ambassador Tony Hall is executive director emeritus of the Alliance to End Hunger. 

  • Board of Directors

    Heather Hardinger

    Heather Hardinger is director of workforce strategy and programs at Taney County Partnership, a public-private partnership for economic development in southwest Missouri. 

  • Board of Directors

    Tom Hart

    Washington, D.C.  |  as North American executive director of ONE, Hart is responsible for ONE’s advocacy, communications, and campaign activities in the United States and Canada.

  • Board of Directors

    John Hendrix

    John Hendrix is managing director in the Investment Banking Group at Sandler O’Neill and Partners, LP.

  • Board of Directors

    David Husby

    David Husby is director of Covenant World Relief.

  • Board of Directors

    Lawrence Kirby, III

    Rev. Lawrence L. Kirby, II is pastor of The Acts Church of Kenosha.

  • Board of Directors

    Jo Anne Lyon

    Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon is Ambassador of the Wesleyan Church.

  • Board of Directors

    Allison Mark

    Rev. Allison Mark is senior pastor of Faith United Methodist Church in Torrance, California.

  • Board of Directors

    Joe Martingale

    Joe Martingale is a health benefits consultant. 

  • Board of Directors

    Jim McGovern

    Representative Jim McGovern is U.S. Representative from Massachusetts.

  • Board of Directors

    David Miner

    Indianapolis, Ind.  |  >Projects Chair and Board member, Indy Hunger Network. Former Board chair, Bread for the World and Bread for the World Institute.

  • Board of Directors

    William Moore

    William Moore is executive director of The Eleanor Crook Foundation.

  • Board of Directors

    Jerry Moran

    Senator Jerry Moran is U.S. Senator from Kansas.

  • Board of Directors

    Shirley Mullen

    Dr. Shirley Mullen is president of Houghton College.

  • Board of Directors

    Carol Myers

    ​Carol Myers has been a Bread supporter since 1975. In a previous term on Bread’s board, she served as vice chair and on a committee to establish the endowment.

  • Board of Directors

    Chang Park

    Chang Park is founder and CEO of Universal Remote Control, Inc. 

  • Board of Directors

    Devita Parnell

    Devita Parnell is Young Baptist Ecosystem Manager of the Cooperate Baptist Fellowship.

  • Board of Directors

    Richard Pates

    Bishop Richard Pates is the Bishop of Des Moines.

  • Board of Directors

    Dawn Pierce

    Boise, Idaho  |  Pierce is a licensed practical nurse and community advocate.

  • Board of Directors

    Katherine Pringle

    Pelham, N.Y.  |  Parter, Litigation Department, Freidman, Kaplan, Seiler, & Adelman, LLP and serves as general counsel and advises the firm on matters of conflicts and ethics.

  • Board of Directors

    Lawrence Reddick

    Bishop Lawrence Reddick is Senior Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • Board of Directors

    Shirley Reed

    Dr. Shirley Reed is President of the Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • Board of Directors

    Amy Reumann

    Rev. Amy Reumann is Director of Advocacy for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

  • Board of Directors

    Jonathan Reyes

    Washington, D.C.  |  Executive director, Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

  • Board of Directors

    Angela Rupchock-Schafer

    Plymouth, Ind.  |  Chief development and communications officer at Marshall County Community Foundation, Bread for the World 2008 Hunger Justice Leader, and Bread activist.

  • Board of Directors

    Art Simon

    President emeritus and founder

    Bowie, Md.  |  President emeritus and founder of Bread for the World.

  • Board of Directors

    Frances Simpson Allen

    Frances Simpson-Allen is Programme Management Officer in the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth at the United Nations.

  • Board of Directors

    Susan Stall

    Susan Stall is a community volunteer.

  • Board of Directors

    Fernando Tamara

    Rev. Fernando Tamara is pastor of Hispanic Ministries at Orange County First Assembly. 

  • Board of Directors

    Bob Terry

    Dr. Bobby S. Terry served for 23 years as president and editor of The Alabama Baptist. 

  • Board of Directors

    Sharon Thornberry

    ​Sharon Thornberry is rural communities liaison at Columbia Gorge Food Bank.

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