One act. 16 Million helped.

Working families deserve a break. Design by Leslie Carlson for Bread for the World.

By Eric Mitchell

Congress is in the midst of negotiating a package of expiring tax provisions, and two of the most effective anti-poverty programs in the U.S. could be included — the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit.

Take two minutes to call (800/826-3688) or email our member of Congress today. Urge Congress to make the expiring earned income and child tax credit provisions permanent before leaving for Christmas.

Congress has just a few weeks left before going on recess. In those few weeks, we have a real shot at achieving something big. If this package of provisions passes, it would prevent 16 million people from falling into or deeper into poverty. If Congress fails to act, here are some people who will lose some or all of their tax credits:

  • 1 million veterans and military families
  • 1.6 million construction workers
  • 1.3 million nurses and health care workers
  • 1.8 million servers, cooks, dishwashers, and other food-service workers

Bread for the World members — people like you — have been urging Congress for the past five years to make the expiring earned income and child tax credit provisions permanent. Now we have a shot at putting these provisions into law for good. But Congress is running out of time.

As we approach the holidays, give low-income, working families the gift of knowing they can count on current tax credits to be there if they need them in the future.

Negotiations are going on right now! Call (800/826-3688) or email your member of Congress. Tell Congress to include the earned income and child tax credits in the tax extenders bill this year.

Eric Mitchell is the director of government relations at Bread for the World.

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