Prayers to End Hunger: Election 2016


By Bishop Jose Garcia

Tonight, the presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties will meet for their first debate on Long Island in New York. Since voting is Christian stewardship, our Christian faith should compel us to seek out and elect wise leaders who will uphold justice and the common good, especially for people who are poor and needy (Psalm 72:12-14).

At Bread for the World, we believe that this is the generation that can end hunger in our time. Churches, charities, food banks, and nonprofit organizations cannot do it alone. Government programs and policies play an important role too. The leaders we elect will make decisions that impact people who are poor and hungry here in the United States and around the world. The newly elected president and Congress can lead our nation and the world to end hunger and poverty by 2030. We believe this will be possible when our leaders enact policies and programs that address the root causes of hunger and poverty.

Therefore, I encourage you to prayerfully watch the debate and consider how the issues of hunger and poverty are being addressed and if they are a priority for your candidate.

As we persevere in our work of advocacy, we pray with a deep, abiding hope in the power of Christ over all things — those aspiring to public office, Congress and legislation included. In the coming weeks, remember to pray for:

  1. Those seeking public office, and our current members of Congress, that they would seek the common good with a particular emphasis on making ending hunger and poverty a priority of their public service.
  2. The citizens of our nation, that they would seek godly discernment to choose candidates who will honor God’s will to do justice for the poor and those struggling with hunger.
  3. All God’s children who struggle for food, that they would receive the nutritious food they need.
  4. The Church here in the U.S., that it would confidently promote the hope of the Gospel by being a prophetic voice in its fervor to call for justice for those who need it most.

Bishop Jose Garcia is the director of church relations at Bread for the World.

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