Trump budget abandons poor and hungry people

A woman and child cooking in Mali. Wikimedia Commons.

By Ryan Quinn

Right now, the world is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945. We are staring down the outbreak of famine and near-famine conditions that is unprecedented in modern world history. Twenty million people are at risk of starvation in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen in the next six months, if nothing is done.

Tell Congress to do the right thing and reject cuts to lifesaving foreign assistance.

Last week, the Trump administration proposed a budget to slash lifesaving programs that serve poor and hungry people, including dramatic and disproportionate cuts to vital U.S. foreign assistance. Slashing these programs — which make up just 1 percent of the U.S. federal budget, or one penny on the dollar — wouldn’t balance the budget or pay for significant new domestic spending. But it will come at the cost of human lives lost to hunger and malnutrition.

It’s not too late to reverse course. This budget proposal does not have to become law. Only Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs. But they won’t act unless they hear from you.

Call (800-826-3688) or email Congress today. Tell them not to roll back the tremendous progress we have made against hunger and poverty globally. As 20 million people stand on the verge of, or are in the midst of famine in Africa, urge Congress to protect foreign aid!

Ryan Quinn is a senior policy analyst at Bread for the World.


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