I vote to end hunger. Will you?


By Rev. David Beckmann

Your voice matters this election season. Make a difference by pushing hunger to the forefront and letting candidates know where you stand on issues that affect hungry people.

Starting today and through Election Day, Nov. 8, I am asking all Bread for the World members to ramp up efforts to make hunger and poverty key issues in the presidential and congressional elections.

You can help by pledging to take a stand for hungry people.  Pledge to vote for candidates who prioritize hunger.  And if you pledge right now, we will mail you an “I Vote to End Hunger” car magnet to help you spread the word.

Hunger is not a hopeless problem, but to solve it, we need everyone to get involved.

We’ve made remarkable progress toward ending hunger – so we know it’s possible – but we won’t reach our goal if we stop now. We need to show our government leaders that ending hunger is priority for Americans. That begins with people, just like you and me, supporting and voting for candidates who will work to end hunger.

Sign the pledge and take a stand for those most in need this election season. And get your car magnets while supplies last.

I believe that God is calling us, people who are moved by God’s grace in Jesus Christ, to provide leadership to end hunger.

I’m voting to end hunger.  Will you?

Rev. David Beckmann is the president of Bread for the World.



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